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cr: snowdrop

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cr: snowdrop

cr: snowdrop

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cr: snowdrop

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[TRANS] @Himsenkangin: I won’t say who (it’s hyuk) it is but ignoring someone just because you can dance a bit.. Just wait and see. I will get my revenge… Watch out  (c)

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kyuchul back hug ヽ(;▽;)ノ

@AllRiseSilver: a D&E boy fan has come to play in the practice room!!! #It`snotSJSungmin #Butt #fashionistar (x)


These guys were ridiculed for what they lack, for their age, for their longevity as a group and for simply being members of Super Junior. But in the end, they came out to prove the doubters wrong and to exceed the expectations of those who believe. The Last Man Standing will always “Kill Them All”